Wednesday, April 28

Essence to Answers in Life

Attaining the key to the secret of life is just the pre-requisite and the beginning of understanding... once the secret door ajar, there shall be answers... multiple answers to one question in life... there is also one answer to the multiple of questions...

By the time we finish analyzing both the question and the answer... then we realize the answer is not the solution and solution is not the answer... what next? then our self assessment going in circle... is there actually an ultimate answer to every question or every problem. Is there any of them?

The normal human would accept answers to a question as YES - MAY BE - NO... will these answers provide solutions in life.... pondering further and contemplating inner self... then the phrase "secret of uncharted life" SOUL keeps on going in circle.. it is in us... the solution is in us... Are the three answers give the life solution, is it??? Pondering continues, is it in timing of intersection in life for each of us?

Then the secret door half opened... timing is the factor... the essence... the how the answers going to be? Are the answers in the past, present or future? More contemplating of quest... How the answer also need a position... location... wow? This quest for solution is going to be endless process.

Purify yourself... get rid all negativities... then the phrase written in the air "The answer which gives a solution to a problem... an issue require the comprehensiveness on the secret of life. The need to understand that the answer possible here right now or definitely later in the next life...

When a person diagnosis with terminal assessment in life... cancer, chronics, epidemic, even form of disaster aftermaths... will the answer reveals after those assessment end... may be... but for those understand the secret of life who have been a the highest level in life... who have crossed the dividing line of extremity... the line of insanity... gracefully accept that the prime answer which encompasses solution is not now... most of it may be half of it shall be found in the next life...


Monday, April 26

My next modification discussion

Getting expert advice how to modify my jangkrik into this monster... so the best yet to come my Monster Jangkrik 4x4 Special Edition...

More 4x4 Rock Crawler Jeep

Checking what this jeep got...

Another 4x4 extreme jeep

Look at this 4x4 such awesome jeep... show at Monas Jakarta.

My Favourite Rock crawling 4x4

I went to see the rock crawler 4x4 jeep.. awesome machine..

My dream 4x4 Off-road Machine

One day I am going to get something like this the Monster 4x4... blue colour is the best

My Suzuki LJ80 3rd Phase of Modification

I love the agressive look on my Suzuki LJ80... just let me surprise you when the last modif chopping the hard top.. and fit with 6 point roll cages outside my jeep...